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Excursions to Dresden’s surrounding area

Pillnitz Palace
August the Strong’s pleasure palace and royal summer residence

Meissen, town and castle
Towers, alleyways, and legends. The ancient capital and ‚cradle‘ of the country

Elbe Sandstone Mountains
(Saxon Switzerland)

A gift from mother nature. The incredible rock landscape in the Elbe valley just before the border to Czech Republic.

Relaxing away from Dresden’s glamour

There are a lot of beautiful things to discover! Round off your stay in Dresden with an excursion to the city’s surrounding area. Be it to Pillnitz, Meissen or Saxon Switzerland; be it by coach or public transport – I will show you the most interesting places, with stories about the country and its people in tow.

Suitable for all kinds of groups.

Start time and duration to be arranged with the customer.